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Metaphone 3
Metaphone 3 is the third generation of the Metaphone algorithm. It increases the accuracy of phonetic encoding from the 89% of Double Metaphone to 98%, as tested against a database of the most common English words, and names and non-English words familiar in North America. This produces an extremely reliable phonetic encoding for American pronunciations.

Metaphone 3 was designed and developed by Lawrence Philips, who designed and developed the original Metaphone and Double Metaphone algorithms.

How can I put the best matches at the top of the result list?
Our innovative Result Ranking algorithm takes your result list of Metaphone matches for your search and sorts them in terms of how close they are in spelling and pronunciation to your original search term. This allows you to present the best matches for your search at the top of the list!

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Metaphone 3 introduces 'more exact consonant' and 'internal vowel' settings, that allow you to produce words or names more or less closely matched to the search term phonetically . Both Metaphone and Double Metaphone are widely used in spell checkers, search engines, and genealogy sites. arrow more information